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Sarah, I am feeling great and wanted to let you know that you have made a huge difference in my life. I went to other clinics many times before I met you and nothing helped. You not only used your skills as a physician, but you really listened to what I wanted and how I was viewing things. I feel so much better and the most interesting difference I notice is that I don’t obsess about things anymore. I can feel sad about something, but I don’t beat myself up the way I used to and have thoughts swirl around and around in my head the way they used to. Thank you!!!!”

- SD, age 25


Be Present“I have worked with Sarah for over two years.  I appreciate the thoroughness in which she operates.  She asks me questions about the specific type of sensation I am having that force me to pay closer attention to my body.  Her careful listening is uncommon in this field and I am lucky to have found her. She often makes extremely intuitive connections between mind and emotions and areas of my body that have helped me grow as a person and heal. I do not feel judged by her ever, only cared for and encouraged.”

-NW, age 35

Sarah is great!  The year that I spent working with her has led to many positive outcomes for me both physically and emotionally.  I always felt heard by her and I appreciate her direct, thorough questioning. She always had a very kind and candid way of putting things and a deep insight into what was going on with me.  It is very rare indeed to find such an empathetic healer to entrust with one’s health.  I am a more whole and joyful person as a result of her care.”

-KO, age 32


“My over all experience with Sarah was very positive.  I felt like she understood where I was coming from and what I was trying to say.  She listened very carefully and never made assumptions about me or my situation. The best part of working with Dr. Marshall was to work with a physician who knows so much about me and I don’t have to constantly reexplain myself.  It was nice to always walk into to a room where I wasn’t judged, where I was loved and appreciated for being me.

-EW, age 28

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