Cooking With Clearwater


Dear Friends of Clearwater,

You are invited to share the joy of a sit-down, family-style dinner while learning about cooking, nutrition, health and the benefits of  community.

Come to a dining experience like you have never had before.

Once a month the doctors of Clearwater Healthcare invite you to their table for dinner, laughter, and learning. Topics include whole food nutrition, cooking, kitchen makeovers, adding health, menu planning, sustainable living and more.  Following the wisdom of Sally Fallon and her marvelous book Nourishing Traditions let us be your personal health coach to nourish your body inside and out!

When: Feb 8th,  Mar 8th,  April 12th,  May 10th, 2011
private dinners available.
Where: Tanda’s Kitchen, 2167 Stagecoach Trail Rd Manhattan, MT 59741
Cost: $35 per person. This event is limited to twelve participants per month.  Register early to hold your spot. (You can register for as many dates as you want. See additional dates below.)
Call or Email us to register

Drs. Tanda Cook and Sarah Marshall don’t just teach about nutrition, they live it.  Come to their home to see healthy living in action.  They will be YOUR COACH to a delicious, satisfying, healthy way of eating, being, and living!

Contact Clearwater Healthcare with questions or for more information about this event.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Drs. Tanda Cook, ND and Sarah Marshall, ND

PS: Have a friend who would love this event?  Please pass this invitation on to them.

If you can’t make it October 26th, or you want to register for more dinner-classes, here are the additional dates:

Feb 8th, 2011
Mar 8th, 2011
April 12th, 2010
May 10th, 2010