Dr. Marshall hold’s the key to help you unlock your health potential. By walking with you on your journey she is able to help you create your own health solutions that fit your life perfectly.  This is not one size fits all medicine.  You are an incredibly unique individual who has unique needs and desires.  What follows are some examples of solutions we have provided others in achieving their ideal health.

Dr. Marshall offers multiple health programs that are customized to your unique and specific health goals.  Contact her for more information on these programs and how they can benefit you.


Our Services:

Our Tools:

• Lifestyle & Wellness Coaching • Nutrition Optimization
• Chronic disease care • Biotherapeutic Drainage
• Acute disease care • Herbal Medicine
• Hormone balancing • Constitutional Homeopathy
• Preconception counseling • Intuitive Energy Healing
• Weight loss

Be Health

Common conditions that patients seek solutions for:

Dr. Marshall is specialized in her approach to medicine, rather than in a specific ailment or organ system.  What this means for you is a more complete and comprehensive plan that allows your whole body to return to a natural state of health faster and with results you never before imagined possible.  Here are some initial reasons people just like you come seek her care.

• Fatigue – Acute & Chronic • Common Cold
• Depression & Anxiety • Flu
• Endocrine Dysfunction • Hypertension
• Thyroid Disease • CHF
• Pain Management, acute & chronic • Diabetes
• Adrenal Function Challenges • Headaches
• Ear Infections • Sinusitis
• Physical Limitations • Hormonal Imbalances
• Digestive Disorders • Heart Disease
• Autoimmune Conditions • Cancer
• Respiratory Ailments inc. Asthma • Lung Diseases
• Cardiovascular Disease • Infertility
• Insomnia • Multiple Sclerosis

Live Well, Live Health

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